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135 Recipes to take your cooking to the next level

for Everyday, Entertaining and Festive Occasions

What Makes This Gourmet Cookbook Irresistible?

  • Vegan food that is delicious and nutritious ... Finally!
  • Gourmet meals that surprise even the toughest critic —really!
  • All the hard menu-planning work is done!
  • Ideal for entertaining and special occasions. Impress family and friends!
  • Winner of the prestigious Gourmand World Awards —Best Canadian Vegan Cookbook!

The Book Features

  • 135 plant-based, soy-free recipes for everyday, entertainment, and festive occasions
  • 125 recipes gluten-free or with gluten-free options
  • International variety with authentic recipes from cuisines around the world
  • 21 carefully crafted menus based on theme, culinary culture, or season...

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Bonus chapters:

“Your Kitchen, Your Gold Mine”—the basic ingredients to stock in your vegan pantry, fridge, and freezer so that you'll always be ready to make a meal

“A Little Equipment Goes a Long Way”—Elvira's favorite tools and appliances that make cooking and baking a lot easier and fun to craft the most delicious foods

Food that nourishes the body, soul, and our planet

Finally, food that is healthy and scrumptious and supports a more humane, healthier lifestyle and a sustainable planet


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